Version 2.73

Release date: 17th November 2012

(1) Added ‘No Decimal’ in “Settings”. When on, you can save time by entering distances and speeds (only kmph, not minutes) without the decimal place. e.g. 43.85 can be entered by pressing [4], [3], [8], [5], [EXE]. Any distance or speed (kmph only) value which has more than 3 digits and without a decimal point will have a decimal automatically placed. Default is off.
(2) Press [VARS] in “Rally” to goto “Penalties”.
(3) Option to show whether penalties are ‘late’ or ‘early’. Default is off.
(4) Option to show penalties in HH:MM:SS format. Default is on.
(5) Made speed change warning configurable. Default is 200m.
(6) [F4] in “Settings” reverts all settings to default values.

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