History of TSD rally calculators in India

TSD rallyists in India have always been partial to Casio. The Casio calculators were cheaper than their HP and TI counterparts and more importantly, easily available locally.

Since the late 80’s, rallyists have gone through a lot of models: Casio FX-880P, PB-100, PB-200, PB-700, PB-1000, Z-1.. the list is endless. They ran with home-grown BASIC programs.

Then along came FX-9860GII. It was sexier, had a bigger display, well laid out keybaord, backlight, higher processing power, was currently in production and most importantly gave developers the ability to write apps. Though the community moved to the new hardware, they still used the same old BASIC programs. They ran faster, but still had crappy user experience.

That is until TSDMeter happened. A bunch of us, fed up with the ‘PBs’, decided to get together and make something useful. Not just useful, but a product that would blow away the current crop of rally calculators! We were lucky that our team had a great synergy and members who brought in complimentary skills – good navigators with domain expertise, rockstar programmers who weren’t afraid of system programming in C and ASM and some of the fastest pizza orderers in the world. End result is of course a kick-ass product!

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