We are one year old!

We are a bunch of rally navigators, software developers and rock stars who are passionate about TSD rallying.

It was exactly a year ago that we discovered the FX9860GII. We were thrilled of course; this was the first piece of programmable hardware that fit all our requirements. Big numeric keyboard, inexpensive, large screen, battery life that ran into days. While programming in BASIC was the easy way to go, we knew from the beginning that our product had to have a kickass UX and that BASIC was not up to the task. C and ASM it was, and after dusting off the old K & R and with a little prayer to the pointer Gods, we wrote the first main() we had in more than 20 years.

Half a bottle of Old Monk and five Pearl Jam albums later, the alpha version of TSDMeter was born.

We knew ‘TSD Rallying’ was a niche market. There was no money to be made making a product for it and we had no business plan or model. But we did have a clear goal: ‘make TSD Rallying an easy sport to get into’. After more than 9000 lines of code, many iterations to the product, countless rally wins and helping many a novice come into the sport, we are proud to have lived up to that goal!

But the success is not ours alone, it is yours too, our passionate customers! It is you who helped us through all of last year to improve the product and market it.

“We are all rockstars” -:)

4 Responses to We are one year old!

  1. Dear Satish & team

    Congratulations guys on the 1st anniversary for TSD Meter. The whole rally scene is indebted to you guys for bringing out such a fine product.

    May you come out with much more finer products to offer .


    Abbas Taskeen.

  2. Kartik Chaturvedi

    Dear Satish Sir & the team

    My heartious congratulations to you, the hardworking team of yours and your ever so cool support system for bringing out a revolutionary product like TSD meter. Its been over a year now, that TSD meter started earning laurels for amateurs like me and many others, which made the sport easy to understand and much more approachable. Its an investment which i am proud of myself that i did.

    Few things just wanted to add:-
    1. one of the major problems in TSD rallying is the GPS Odo going awry, and personally for me, the odo correction factor problem should be simplified more. It would definitely help a novice, getting the hang of things quickly.
    2. The regular updates of the versions of the PRO version and BASIC Version be available here on the website. (I have missed few updates on my PRO version).

    Rest, thank you satish sir, for bringing out this product, have got many new TSD rallyist’s to get the TSDMeter. Wishing good to the whole team.

    Kartik Chaturvedi

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