Mahindra Monsoon Challenge

Results of Mahindra Monsoon Challenge 2014:

Pro Expert:
Ist – Ganesh Moorthy / Naga Rajan (BASIC PLUS)
IInd – Karthick Maruthi / Sankar Anand (BASIC)
IIIrd – Abhijeet Pai / Satish Gopalkrishnan (PRO)
IVth – Ajgar Ali / Mohd. Musthafa (PRO)
Vth – Subir Roy / Nirav Mehta (PRO)

Pro Stock:
Ist – Amarnath / Mukthiyar (BASIC)
IIIrd – Dinky Varghese / Sakthivel (BASIC PLUS)
Vth – Philip Baklin / David Sharon (PRO)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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