The FMSCI Indian National TSD Rally Championship 2014 – Round III – Rally of Bangalore

Results of TSDMeter users in the 3rd round of the FMSCI Indian National TSD Rally Championship:

INTSDRC Overall & Pro Expert:
Ist – Ajgar Ali / Mohd. Musthafa
IIIrd – Karthick Maruthi Laurel / Anand Hardy Erode
IVth – Srikath Gowda / Chandrashekar M
Vth – Ganesh Moorthy / Naga Rajan

INTSDRC Pro Stock:
Ist – Chidanand Murthy / Sujith Kumar
IIIrd – Amarnath G J / Mokthiyar Ahmed
Vth – Philip Baklin / David Sharon

Green Run Pro Expert:
Ist – Ravindra H D / Murugan
IInd – Abhijeet Pai / Chandramouli M
Vth – Sandeep Dodhiwala / Sekar V

Green Run Pro Stock:
Ist – Vinay Kumar / Ravi Kumar
IIIrd – Bharadwaj Rao / Anil Kumar
IVth – Pramod / Abhilash Gowda
Vth – Naveen P / Yohan Robin Kumar

Congratulations to all the winners!

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