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Our first

When you are cash-strapped and boot-strapped, you hope and pray that ‘word of mouth’ brings customers to your wares. We got lucky (may be not, we do have a kick ass product -:)) that the viral/social/peer marketing thing worked for us.

So even though we don’t email spam/post fliers in bus stations anymore, here’s the first email we sent to prospective customers:

Hello TSD enthusiast!

So you have finished yet another rally. Congratulations!

How did you do? Did you have fun? Were you competitive? Or did you watch the same old hands get to the podium, again..?

If you’ve been around for more than one rally, you probably have got yourself an HMS calculator. And have practiced enough to see M+ and MR in your dreams! If you are the adventurous type, you probably have even bought yourself a “PB”. And wondered who in their right mind would ever use a non-intuitive POS like that -:) You might have also seen, most likely in the middle of a rally, that when your Terratrip conks it doesn’t matter if you were using a super computer!

Still, no luck right? All these gadgets, but the podium is still elusive. HMS requires oodles of worksheets, PB keeps acting weird on you, the pain is endless!

So how are you ever going to ace a TSD rally?

Don’t despair, TSDMeter is here! TSDMeter is a rally computer, designed and developed BY navigators, for navigators. It is fast, easy to use, accurate and has more features than your first car. And the best part is, it is under constant evolution. TSDMeter developers themselves are very good navigators, and they keep making TSDMeter better and better after each rally.

So what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.tsdmeter.com (nothing much to see there, sorry!), and our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/TSDMeter. Facebook is where we usually hangout and make announcements about TSDMeter, so “Like” our page and be in touch.

Keep rallying!
The TSDMeter Team