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Free TSD rally app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Video (music: Kevin MacLeod, ISRC: US-UAN-12-00003) shows a demo of the TSDMeter mobile app.

The app runs on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android and is available FREE of cost. Mail info@tsdmeter.com for details.

We don’t provide any support for this app, since all our development effort is focused on the Casio calculator (TSDMeter BASIC, BASIC PLUS and PRO).

A touch screen device is NOT the right platform to build a rally calculator:
(a) Touch screens are sensitive, have ‘no feel’ and are not ideal when you’re in a bouncy car.
(b) Calculator keys are BIG.
(c) On a calculator, once you practice, you don’t need to look at the keys. On a touch screen, you always need to see what you are typing.
(d) Mobile phones and tabs have pathetic battery life, especially when they have apps running.
(e) You can’t use mobiles or tabs on a bike.
(f) Many rallies don’t allow competitors to use a phone (SRs say “no mobile phone usage” but are usually unclear as to what “usage” is) during the rally.

We would urge you to try the app in a moving car on a bad terrain, to see how painful it is to enter speed chart data, get ideal times etc.

And after doing that, buy a TSDMeter -:)