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Suggest a feature and get it named after you!

We are always looking to hear from you, our customers. Whatever feedback you give us, if it makes sense for the product, we will add it to the next release so that everyone can benefit from it. And to thank you, we will name the feature after you in the app!

Version 2.47

Release date: 21st June 2012
(1) [EXE] in “Rally” adds 100m to odo value.
(2) [F4] in “Time Control” resets fields.

Version 2.41

Release date: 1st June 2012
(1) Ability to specify early/late penalty factors (PRO and BASIC PLUS).
(2) Fixed some minor screen flickering issues.
(3) Show battery charge level.

Version 2.31

Release date: 24th May 2012
(1) Increased maximum number of speed sectors to 180.
(2) Increased maximum number of time controls (for penalty calculations) to 60.

Version 2.29

Release date: 3rd May 2012
(1) Ability to specify any value (in seconds) as ‘TC Restart Time’.
(2) Added a new results type, ‘Calcutta’.
(3) Fixed minor floating point arithmetic.

Version 2.23

Release date: 16th Apr 2012
(1) Introducing BASIC PLUS – BASIC plus Penalties.
(2) Same check in time, but different odo is assumed to be the same TC.
(3) Allow deleting rows (press [F3]) in penalties screen (PRO and BASIC PLUS).

Version 2.13

Release date: 12th Mar 2012
(1) Warn when speed is about to change (PRO).
(2) UI changes
— warning if distance is less than previous distance in speed chart.
— correcting roadbook odo doesn’t change current odo in rally screen (PRO).
— always show speed in rally screen in kmph.
(3) For penalty calculations, same odo but different check in time is assumed to be the same TC.
(4) Setting for result type (‘Computer’ or ‘PB’).
(5) Ability to insert [F2]/delete [F3] lines in speed chart.

Version 2.05

Release date: 3rd Jan 2012
(1) Support 10m increments.
(2) Small UI tweaks.

Version 2.03

Release date: 23rd Dec 2011
(1) Ability to specify speeds as time (e.g. 18 min 43 sec, 18.50 min etc.).
(2) Support many more speed sectors (upto 100 have been tested).
(3) Faster calculations.
(4) Improvements in UI.

Version 2.01

Release date: 21st Nov 2011
(1) Refactored code to do better memory management.
(2) Changed file management logic to work around flash memory quirks.