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TC Worksheet

Click to download the TC worksheet in pdf format.

An introduction to TSD rallying

TSD Tip 11

If you use Terratrip, set the bottom line to display distance. At a TC, press [CLR] to make this 00.00.

At the next roadbook instruction, pause your car and get:
Last TC’s ODO = ODO at instruction – Distance shown on Terratrip’s bottom line

This works in cars with two trip meters too, but don’t forget to apply the odo correction factor!

TSD Tip 10

Highlight all roadbook instructions with turn offs (from the current track). Don’t get caught in a TC trap!

TSD Tip 09

At a TC, make sure that the time written in the marshall register is the same as what is in your time card!

TSD Tip 08

Keep a record of TCs in a worksheet.

Compare values in your worksheet with results to make sure that there have been no data entry errors during results calculation.

TSD Tip 07

Write down speed changes in the roadbook. This saves you time from having to refer a separate sheet for speeds.

TSD Tip 06

Read the speed chart carefully. Are the speeds in kmph? mph? mm.ss? mm:ss?

TSD Tip 05

Reduce odometer errors between your car and roadbook by trying to drive on the left side of the road/track. Most likely the rally route setter also drove the same way.

TSD Tip 04

If the rally gives an odo check section, do it as many times as possible to get an accurate odo correction factor (correction factor = car odo / roadbook odo)